Illuminart Les Pouvoirs De La Contemplation Immersion
Illuminart Les Pouvoirs De La Contemplation Immersion
Digital art in hospital

Since 2010, Art dans la Cité has been developing an important reflection on the use of digital tools and creations to bring art into more intimate spaces such as the patient’s room.

She calls on artists using this medium, and boldly develops innovative creations, in spaces not yet invested in, relaxation rooms, care rooms, treatment rooms, resuscitation rooms, bedrooms.


Patients are active within original interactive and immersive worlds. Digital works can be deployed in several hospitals simultaneously, in France and internationally, they are adaptable according to the public and the pathologies.

Sensitive to their environment, they transform according to a scenario imagined by the artist. The work attentive to the presence of the spectator, to his movement in space, can create intimacy with him, induce a dialogue, arouse behavior.

Completely innovative, these creations open up an unexplored field of the relationship between art and the patient’s quality of life which can support the quality of care.

When the work allows several distant spectators to interact with it, it becomes a space for dialogue not only between a spectator and the work but also between the different spectators engaged in a relationship with it.


The creations lastingly transform the stay of patients, but also the daily lives of medical teams and the reception of numerous hospital visitors.

Some examples

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