7 December 2019

Illuminart Museum

First virtual museum for patients in hospitals
12 December 2017


Interactive and immersive device for the hospital room
12 December 2016

Virtual Aquarium

A new interactive and contemplative content created for ILLUMINART
1 December 2015

Interactive Music Planetarium

Interactive audiovisual installation created for Necker Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris, and Johns Hopkins Children's Center Baltimore USA
24 October 2014

The measure of the possible

Interactive visual installation, created for the Claude Pompidou Institute of Nice and the Rainier III Center Princess Grace Hospital of Monaco
6 September 2014

Paysage musical

OLIVIER BAUDELOCQUE ET EFRATH BOUANA Plafonds des Rotondes de l’Hôpital Foch de Suresnes
5 June 2014

Pasteur Drawings

DAVID TREMLETT Salle d’attente des Urgences du nouvel Hôpital Pasteur de Nice
14 December 2013

Tableaux Tactiles Interactifs

12 October 2013

Horizons en variations