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Illuminart Museum
First virtual museum for
patients in hospitals
Creation Art dans la Cité & Santiago Torres 2019 Go to the realization   → Go to the Video
Illumin'art an interactive and
immersive device for patient's room
Creation Art dans la Cité 2014-2018 Go to the realization   → Go to the Video
Virtual Aquarium
2017 - Animated film by Louise Mercadier Go to the realization   → Go to the Video
Interactive Planetarium Musical
Interactive audiovisual installation
2015 - Adrien Garcia, John Hopkins Children Hospital USA and Necker Paris AP-HP Go to the realization   → Go to the Video

To integrate artworks into hospital and participe to patients' well-being

Art dans la Cité, offers innovative and permanent artworks for any spaces of care establishments 

Its ambition is to improve the conditions of welcome and stay in hospital by producing artworks, specifically designed for different spaces

“We hope that the hospital of tomorrow will develop activities that will make the hospital stay more humane and even more effective because artistic creation and sensitivity go beyond the therapeutic approach. Professor Bernard Glorion, President of Art dans la Cité, 2003/2007.

Make a donation to support the well-being of patients and the development of ILLUMIN'ART in the hospital

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Suite de la visite guidée du Muséum Illuminart

Nous vous proposons aujourd’hui une nouvelle visite guidée, à la découverte de notre musée virtuel conçu pour les patients à l’hôpital

Les portes du Muséum Illuminart ouvertes à tous!

Chaque jour, nous proposons une visite guidée, visuelle et sonore, de notre exposition sur le paysage dans notre musée virtuel conçu pour l’hôpital

Notre Illuminart Museum s’agrandit

Notre Illuminart muséum s’agrandit …