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Our team

Our team

The Team

Rachel Even

Director and Artistic Manager

Art Historian and graduated in cultural management Director of Art dans la Cité since its creation in 2000, has produced artworks for healthcare facilities worldwide.

Raphaël VIALLE


Professor of Child surgery (PUPH) Pierre et Marie Curie University, Head of the Department of orthopedic and reconstructive surgery of the child Armand Trousseau Hospital Paris.

Hendrika BERNTS

General Chairman

Tour guide in Italy and Toscana

Olivier Galaverna


Neuroscientist and Psychologist


Member of the Board

Spécialist in art crafts and contemporary art, Development and strategy Advisor, Jean Marc created "Dimanche Factory" and "Maison Parisienne". Today, he is Artistic Advisor to the Grand-Duché in Luxembourg

Professor Didier SICARD

Member of the Board

Past Chairman of the National Ethics Advisory Committee, Teacher of medicine at Paris Descartes University, he was head of department of internal medicine at Cochin Hospital in Paris


Member of the Board

Vice Chairman of" la Ligue contre le Cancer", Honorary hospital Director, President of the AP-HP Museum

Production delegation

Santisar Studio : Interactive content creation

Santiago Torres : Illuminart device

Benoit Labourdette : Plateform

Cécile Antonietti : Program manager

Didier Sicard 2002