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Seven Ordinary Things (Tomaž Tomažin)

New pediatric clinic Ljubljana, Slovenija

For this workshop I was suggesting the “chromo” key method since I am using this method intensively in my artistic work. The cover theme of this workshop was the “Other”. The “Other” in this work is someone who can do extraordinary things like flying, disappearing, growing and getting smaller, and many other things. This “Other” is inspiring all "ordinary people" and supervises them in achieving the same capabilities. The mayor goal of this workshop was to create seven non-ordinary stories.
Each story consists of two parts: from a title done in a stop motion technique, and from a story in which main actors are children patients. I have divided hospitalized children in two age groups. Younger children have created titles including text and drawings and animate them with a help of stop motion technique. Older children collaborated in creating a narrative story and were performing in front of green screen and video camera. The final work is around 12 minutes long video including seven stories entitled: Among Clouds, Another and Another, Big and Small, Here and There, There is a better view from ceiling, Greeting, Friends.
Video has a sound/music especially done for this project. Video work is presented in a LCD screen in the waiting area of the new Pediatric hospital in Ljubljana.
Each room in this department is as well equipped with large monitors where the video Work will be shown.

Art dans la Cité

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Bâtiment de l'Enfant et de l'adolescent
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