International  Biennial of Visual Arts in Hospital


Art dans la Cité  created in 2009 the first festival of Visual Arts at the Hospital in Europe, to increase the necessity and the understanding of the importancve of art in the hospital.

At the end of each program, Art dans la Cité organizes a presentation of all the creations

The 2009 edition held at the National Academy of Medicine

The 2012 edition held at the National School of the Fine arts of Paris 


All the creations are presented by the artists and the hospitals representatives which took part in the program, in front of a wide audience composed of famous experts from the artistic, the scientific and the digital fields, but also the partners and the media.

An international jury, composed of well-known museum directors, researchers, doctors selects the best project, according to 3 criteria which are the fundamentals of the artistic action of Art dans la Cité:

  • Adequacy of the work to the specifications,
  • Implication of the patients and the staff,
  • Relevance of the work in the environment for which it is created

The projects realized in 2013/2014/

Tableaux Tactiles Interactifs, de Santiago Torres - Département de Chirurgie Pédiatrique - CHU de Nantes


Horizon en Variations, Andréa Philippot Mathieu, New Emergencies hspital of Colombes, AP/HP


- Horizon intérieur extérieur 1, Stéfane Perraud - New physiological roome, Maternity l'Archet 2, CHU de Nice


-  La Démesure du Possible, Fred Perié, Rainier III Center, CHPG  Monaco


- La Démesure du Possible, Fred Perié, new Institute Claude Pompidou in Nice


- "Pasteur Drawings" David Tremlett, Artistic creation for the new hospital Pasteur 2, Emergencies, Nice


- l"Paysage musical" Efrath Bouana, Olivier Baudeloque, Rodolphe Starinsky, waiting rooms of the Hospital Foch in Suresnes


- Illuminart, an inniovative proposal for the "sterile chamber"


The main goals of the Biennial are:
- To humanize the spaces of the hospital by the creation of “in situ” works by artists of international fame who take into account: the space of the hospital, its architecture, its functions and the public whom it welcomes;

- To integrate the artistic creation in the everyday life of hospitals to improve the stay of the staff, of the patients, their family and the visitors;

- To increase the perception and the sensibility of the public by integrating it into a participative approach based on the necessity and the importance of the artistic creation in the hospital;

- To create links between the various public of the art and the hospital;

- To always improve the answers which can be brought to the artistic creation in an hospital environment;

- To encourage the partners’ implication and arouse the excellence of the projects;

- To develop a dynamic of meetings and exchanges at a national and international scale.


In 2012, Art dans la Cité organizes the second edition which becomes the “International Biennial of Visual Arts in Hospital”.

From June, 2011 up to December, 2012 artists' residences and altogether 6 original artworks will take place in 8 different hospitals in France and Finland:


1.    A Window into the Room (Hôpital Armand Trousseau in Paris, L’Archet 2 in Nice, Centre Léon Bérard in Lyon)
2.    Boréal (CH in Annecy) 
3.    Salines (CH in Chambéry)
4.    The Monring of Magicians (CH in Villiers-le-Bel)
5.    Living Colors (CMP Louis Mourier in Colombes)

6.    Life Cycle (Kaskenlinna Hospital in Turku, Finland)

From January, 2011 till December, 2012 some events related to the Biennial are organized.

The awarding and closing ceremony will take place at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris on December 12, 2012, Amphithéâtre d'Honneur and Cour Vitrée, 14 rue Bonaparte - 75006 Paris. 

Artists, hospital directors and doctors who took part in the projects as well as our partners, the jury members and the medias will participate in this event.


Special Thanks to the Partners of the Award and Closing Ceremony of the 2nd Biennial :

*Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris 

> Mr Frédéric Jousset, Mr Nicolas Bourriaud and Mrs Isabelle Reyé








* Architecture Hospitalière: le magazine des acteurs de l’hôpital de demain, partenaire presse de la biennale de la 2ème Biennale des arts visuels à l’hôpital

> Mr David Entibi and Mr Christophe Pradier

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