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Alfred Hitchcock’s the Birds (Szilard Miklos, Denes Miklosi)

Clinica de Psihiatrie Pediatrica de Cluj Napoca, Roumanie

Des lits de fleurs qui rayonnent sur la façade et dialoguent avec d’autres symboles sur le sol et les murs de la salle de jeux…

On the main façade of the hospital, two flowerbeds are constructed on a metallic structure sufficiently strong to hold the weight of the soil which is a mix of fertile earth and coconut peat.
In the playground room the soil is covered with a colored collage.
The workshop was a process divided in different chapters and types of activities; it leads toward a negotiation of the rules and accessories of a social game. We’ve liked to lead children to a type of activities directed toward a specific scope, the process of creation of a fantasy world which is real insofar as it needs rules to be able to co-inhabit it.
Photographs of each characters created during the workshop have been exposed in the corridors of the hospital.

Art dans la Cité

GH Pitié Salpêtrière
Bâtiment de l'Enfant et de l'adolescent
47 Boulevard de l'hôpital
75013 PARIS



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